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Welcome to the website of the computer pools of the faculty of biology


BIO-Pools: the computer pools for our biology students


Biopool -01.131 new


The BIO-Pools offer 38 computers (plus 2 computers for course-leader purposes) for our Biology students. The hardware we use in our computer pools is referred to as BW-PC 4th Generation.

The BIO-Pool computers boot the virtual environment bwLehrpool. Every computer is supplied with a DVD burner and connected to the university network via Gigabit-Ethernet.

For specific specifications visit our hardware specification site.


Access and Terms of Service

Both computer pools (large computer pool room -01.131 and small computer pool room 00.043) are run and supported by the Faculty of Biology and the University IT Services.

An University IT Services account (RZ account) is required to use our computer pools. Students get their RZ account during the process of registration to the university. Employees get their RZ account on request (myAccount).

You’ll get the required permissions to use our computer facilities automatically set-up if you are a student or employee registered to the Faculty of Biology. However this is not the case for „Lehramt“ students, „Magister“ students and in some rare cases master students and employees. In those cases you can contact our support team per e-mail (


To all computer facilities of the faculty of biology the following terms of service apply:

Verwaltungs- und Benutzungsordnung (VBO) (German only)

Benutzungsordnung für die vom Rechenzentrum der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität angebotenen Netzdienste (NBO) (German only)

Netzordnung für das Freiburger Universitäts Netz (NO) (German only)

Informationsangeboteordnung (IAO) (German only)


We appreciate your comments and suggestions, therefore don’t hesitate to contact our support team.